What are retouched or edited images?

Retouched photos are images that have been en- hanced in some way. Whether it is skin softening, body shaping or simply cropping the image. Any change to an image is considered edited or re touched.

Do I Get to Keep all of the originals?

To control the quality of my brand I do not release unretouched images. You will only receive the amount of images stated in your quote prior to booking. You are always allowed to purchase ad- ditional images outside of the package booked.

How soon will I get my images back?

The turnaround time vary per project. For portraits, the estimate turnaround time is 2 weeks or less from the date you choose your final images.

Is Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe included in my session?

These services are considered additional services. They are not automatically included in your pho- tography session but can be added to our ses- sions an additional fee.

Do You have a studio location?

Yes, My studio is located inside of an artist warehouse in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia, Pa

Do you offer Matrnity Gowns for my session?

We do have a variety of Maternity dresses that can be rented for your session. Please contact us prior to booking your session to ensure that we have what you need.